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Giving Back

Community is woven throughout everything we do at Just Between Friends. We are local moms and dads just like you who work super hard to help families make ends meet.  We are lucky to work with an amazing local charity who is doing  amazing things, right here in our community.  Any items doanted by our consignors at the end of the event will benefit all the families whose lives are touched by them.  Thank you to our generous consignors and thank you to our charities for everything you do!

The Pass Along Project

The Pass Along Project is a cooperative effort between local community volunteers to collect and redistribute gently used clothing as age and gender specific "bundles". Each bundle consists of enough clothing for a full week as a basic startup-similar to what most families purchase at the beginning of a school year. In short, The Pass Along Project is a new distrobution method, conducive to the needs of Foster Parents.

The clothing already exists -- most of us call them "hand-me-downs". (We call the Pass Alongs"!) However, availability is unreliable, and coordination of drop-off is not an easy task for Foster parents dealing with a child in a crisis situation.

Foster Parents, or their State Resource Worker simply need to call, text or email with the sizes of the child(ren). We contact our representative closest to your location to relay the need and coordinate delivery from our pre-built stock.


Carinae & Gienah

P: 719-648-5994
P: 603-440-8181

As mother's, we understand that raising kids is expensive which is why JBF makes sense!  As parents and grandparents we all invest so much money into buying clothes, gear and toys that our kids outgrow so fast!  Why not let other families purchase these items at greatly reduced prices and earn cash from those investments!  We have this process down and are here to help your make and save money!