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Friday, May 15 - Early Access Shopping | Online Ticket Purchase Required

Tickets are required for all Friday Early Access Shopping Times & are available in limited numbers online. Early Access tickets WILL NOT be available to purchase at the door.

11:00am -Team Leaders                                                       12:00pm - 12-Hour Team Members                         

12:15pm - Set-Up Team Members                                

12:30pm - 8-Hour Team Members                                  

1:30pm - 4-Hour Team Members

2:00pm - Early Bird Shopping  TICKETS-Coming Soon      

3:00pm - Consignors & 1  friend                                             

3:30pm - Prime Time Shopping TICKETS-Coming Soon     

5:00pm - Expecting-New Parent Shopping TICKETS-Coming Soon

6:00pm - Teacher, Military, First Responder Ticketholders TICKETS-Coming Soon

6:30pm - Family Shopping (ANY category Early Access pass/ticketholder who wants to bring their walking kids (under 12) with them to shop)

Doors close at 8pm, registers close at 9pm.

Team Members and Consignors will receive their Early Access Tickets at their drop off appointments.

NOTE: Only small children who are secured in a stroller or carrier may attend ANY Early Access Shopping prior to the 6:30pm Family Shopping on Friday. All children (under 12), strollers, etc are welcome for the remainder of the event after 6:30pm on Friday.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                           

Saturday, May 16 - Public Shopping!

8:00am - $3 per adult (13 and over) at the door OR Free Online! TICKETS Coming Soon! 

Doors close at 5pm, registers close at 5:30pm.

NOTE: All kids, strollers etc welcome.

. . . . . . . . . . .    

Saturday, May 16 - Half-Off Sale - Early Access!

5:30pm - Team Members & 3 Friends

6:00pm - Consingors & 3 Friends

6:00pm - Half-Price Sale Early Access ticketholders (1 person per ticket)   TICKETS


Doors close at 7pm, registers close at 8pm.

Note: All kids and strollers welcome.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sunday, May 17 - Half-Price Sale!         

8:00am - Entry is FREE, no tickets needed.


Doors close at 12pm, registers close at 1pm.

Note: All kids and strollers welcome.







The Hampshire Dome

34 Emerson Rd, Milford NH, 03055

We understand, kids are expensive and they grow fast. So we created a community event, where you can shop 50-90% off retail on thousands of name brand items. Giving parents an affordable option for things they need and want for their growing families.



Christen H

October 24, 2019

"It's an amazing way to get clothes for ever-growing kids at a very reasonable rate, while supporting other local families."

Kristine P

October 24, 2019

"I truly enjoy the whole experience. From deciding what to sell through the tagging process, as well as bringing it in to drop off, everything is easy pleasant and fun! Knowing that I was going to choose to donate these items in the first place and instead getting a little money back doesn’t hurt. I always choose to reduce my items and then if they don’t sell to donate. It makes me happy to know the items went to a good cause!!! I also enjoy the shopping of course it is great to get things at a cheaper price than in store brand new!!!! Sign me up I will be back in the spring!"

Maria C

October 24, 2019

"The franchise itself is very well elaborated and coordinated. Amazing the order and the scrutiny for good quality sales. This particular sale in Greater Manchester is organized, clean, on time and respectful of consignors and buyers."

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As mother's, we understand that raising kids is expensive which is why JBF makes sense!  As parents and grandparents we all invest so much money into buying clothes, gear and toys that our kids outgrow so fast!  Why not let other families purchase these items at greatly reduced prices and earn cash from those investments!  We have this process down and are here to help your make and save money!